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ENGAGE - The At-Risk Worker

Minimise the impact of work and non-work related conditions, poor health and ageing

Minimise the impact of work and non-work related conditions, poor health and ageing

When an employee is struggling with the demands of work and / or the employer has noticed a change in performance, a worksite assessment can provide a clear snapshot of the factors impacting on the employee and what strategies could be used to support them. CIM Health uses only highly experienced professionals to undertake, with assessment, who can offer a broad range of practical and effective interventions. We also utilise psychosocial tools to identify barriers that may impact on performance and return to work.

There is significant evidence that an early multidisciplinary approach to workplace injury offers the best outcome for workers and the workplace. CIM Health’s Allied Health Team are familiar with working closely with employers to engage at-risk and injured workers at the earliest time to reduce the impact of injury or illness. We can do this as part of the onsite team or as close partners whose common goal is to keep workers well and productive.

Timely and effective management of musculoskeletal conditions in the workplace maintains
productivity, minimises downtime, and costs and has a significant impact on safety culture. CIM Health has been providing on-site physiotherapy and early intervention services for over 15 years across a range of industries and understands the importance of strategies to keep workers well at work.

A Psychological Capacity Assessment provides an objective review of a worker’s current psychological capacity and tolerances in relation to their job. It assists in guiding management strategies to improve performance and ensure safety in the workplace. CIM Health use well-validated, evidence-based psychological and cognitive assessment tools that can be interpreted against the specific requirements of the worker’s role.

A Fitness for Duty Assessment provides an employer with a clear and unambiguous assessment of a person’s capacity to perform the inherent requirements of their role. It offers clarity about the options for reasonable accommodation and the risk to the individual and the workplace should they return or continue in their current position. CIM Health provides clear, easy to interpret information for employers and medical professionals to guide their decision about a person’s safety at work.

Psychological Health Monitoring is designed to provide information on the health of staff for the purpose of identifying at-risk workers and improving overall worker health and safety. CIM Health’s Psychological Health Monitoring targets workers in roles with high psychological and / or emotional demands and uses evidence based assessment tools to measure potential risk against the specific requirements of the role. We recommend assessing workers every 6 to 12 months in order to effectively manage at-risk workers.

Critical Incident Debriefing is a key strategy in reducing the risk of ongoing psychological distress following a “traumatic” event. CIM Health’s Critical Incident Debriefing is conducted by registered psychologists and effectively addresses the trauma response through providing a safe, judgement free outlet for workers to express their feelings following a traumatic event. We also assist workers in understand their reaction and knowing how to self-monitor or access support, if needed. Our Critical Incident Debriefing can be group-based or one-on-one depending on the nature of the traumatic event.

At CIM Health we have highly skilled Ergonomists that can assist an organisation with the design, modification or adaptation of a work area to meet employee needs and functional limitations. CIM Health can provide support employers to access external funding for workplace modifications, the purchase of equipment and other safety considerations. Call CIM today to obtain more information on how ergonomic assessments can help your employees.

The Job in Jeopardy Program is a Federally-funded Stay At Work initiative designed to support employees to maintain their current job. Support can include allied health interventions, counselling, mediation, provision of assistive devices, or medical support. CIM uses its multi-disciplinary team to assist in keeping a person at work as well as supporting the employer and co-workers. It is a free program for eligible workers. Call CIM Health today for more information about this program.

Employers are often keen to retain valuable employees who have experienced illness or injury but do not know how to support them or provide the right equipment or tools to allow the person to be productive in the workplace. CIM Health can provide the expertise to determine the needs of the employee and assist the workplace to apply for Workplace Modification funding through the Employer Assistance Fund and Job Access.