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PROTECT - The Well Worker

Through health promotion, education and wellness programs to keep workers fit and healthy at work

Through health promotion and education about the mitigation of workplace risk
Manual Task Training is a key strategy for the reduction of Manual Task Risk. CIM Health’s Manual Task Training effectively addresses manual task risk through the provision of tailored, specific, on-the-job training of workers on the safest possible way to perform their role; how to identify risk and manage this in a comprehensive manner.

PErforM is a Queensland Government supported program designed to enable workers to identify, assess and control manual task risks within their workplace. It is one of the key manual task injury prevention strategies that is promoted by the Work Health and Safety Division of the Department of Justice and Attorney General across the state. Using skilled and experienced Facilitators, CIM Health can provide PErforM Training and facilitate safety initiatives in the workplace to reduce manual task injury rates.

Effective injury prevention starts with a well-planned Risk Reduction Program that encompasses recruitment, training, wellness initiatives, engagement and a participative approach to addressing risks identified in the workplace. This is often an overwhelming task for the workplace. CIM Health has a comprehensive suite of Risk Reduction programs strategies and pathways to reducing injury risk.

Human Factors, also known as Ergonomics, is the science of designing and evaluating systems, products and environments to be efficient, safe and satisfying for users. CIM Health Ergonomists consider human capabilities and apply theory, principles, data and methods to design optimal solutions for human wellbeing and overall system performance. Let us help your organisation today.

Psychosocial Risk Assessments evaluate the impact of workplace factors such as work organisation, team dynamics, culture and organisational support on the worker and organisational health. CIM Health’s Psychosocial Risk Assessments effectively measure risk through 360 degree surveys tailored to the organisation’s specific concerns and providing tailored intervention strategies to address identified risks.

A thorough Job Task Analysis is the cornerstone to a range of injury prevention and management strategies in the workplace. It can provide critical information for recruitment, performance management, rehabilitation and vocational redirection. CIM Health uses a comprehensive Job Analysis tool that evaluates the physical and cognitive demands of the job and quantifies each element in a comprehensive and easy to use format.

The evidence is unanimous - poor health and physical inactivity is impacting on profits and productivity. The incidence of lifestyle disease in workers is also likely to escalate further as the Australian workforce ages, with a reduction in productivity, increased risk of injury and elevated workplace costs. An increasingly important objective for workplaces is to try and optimise the health and health-related behaviours of its workforce in the work environment to reduce the impact of these factors on the organisation’s operations. CIM Health offers comprehensive Wellness Programs designed to target identified workplace risks including sedentary work; high stress tasks; an ageing workforce; and the influence of lifestyle factors.

Drug and Alcohol Screening is a simple, effective and reliable Safety Management tool to ensure that existing employees are attending work safely. Screening may be conducted on a daily basis or a system of random screening may be implemented. CIM Health’s Drug and Alcohol Screening may be undertaken at the workplace or at convenient locations around South East Queensland and are compliant with Australian Standards. CIM Health may also assist with the development and implementation of robust Drug and Alcohol Policies and Procedures.

Workplace ergonomics and workstation assessments offer individuals and groups the opportunity to work optimally in the best positions and postures. CIM Health’s ergonomic assessments can be provided for a single employee, a particular work group or for the whole organisation. Performed by highly experienced Health Professionals with knowledge of the current best practise and legislation, all assessments identify key issues, current or potential injuries and our recommendations provide simple, effective solutions for the workplace.

With lifestyle factors now impacting significantly on workplace absenteeism, productivity and workplace engagement, regular Health Screening can provide the individual and the workplace with clear strategies to address these factors. CIM Health uses a range of tools to identify health risks including testing for glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as BMI and other SNAPO (Smoking, nutrition, alcohol, physical activity and overweight) risk factors.

CIM Health offers a broad range of Education Programs ranging from Injury Prevention Sessions to managing complex Health Conditions. Typical Sessions include: Managing Low Back Pain; Nutrition; and Exercises; Pilates in the workplace; Managing Arthritis; and Stretching Education. We can also offer Education Programs with a Psychological focus including Stress Management; Bullying and Harassment; and Work-Life Balance.

Mental Health Programs are a key strategy to the reduction of work-related stress and burnout. CIM Health’s Mental Health Programs are tailored to each organisation and effectively address work-related mental health through provision of job-specific coping strategies and tools. All CIM Health programs are interactive and encourage workers to engage in self-management strategies.