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REHABILITATE - The Injured Worker

Into productive, meaningful and durable employment in the same or alternate role

Rehabilitate the Injured Worker into productive and meaningful employment in their original or alternate role

The key to developing an effective Return to Work Plan starts with a thorough, detailed and tailored Initial Needs Assessment. CIM Health staff are specialists in obtaining the right information at the right time that will guide services and allow for milestone review.

The worksite assessment provides a clear snapshot of work demands, workplace culture and the pathway to Return to Work for injured workers. The worksite assessment is critical to the success of the Return to Work process. CIM Health ensures that all stakeholders are heard and acknowledged; that common ground is found; and that a clear pathway is developed and understood. CIM Health is able to provide assessment and recommendations for both physical and psychological conditions.

CIM Health offers a broad range of Return to Work services that adopt the World Health Organisation’s biopsychosocial classification of function. All services are tailored to the injured worker and the workplace expectations. We engage professionally with all key stakeholders; are tenacious and transparent in our strategies; and work always towards a positive outcome. We are governed by an overwhelming belief that a person has a right to work and that work is good for you.

A well timed Functional Capacity Evaluation is an effective tool to guide the management of complex or significant injury and provide clarity about an injured person’s safe work capacity. CIM Health offers a detailed evidence-based musculoskeletal assessment and functional testing that can provide the referrer with accurate objective way.

A Psychological Capacity Assessment provides an objective review of a worker’s current psychological capacity and tolerances in relation to their job. It assists in guiding a safe and durable return to work and providing strategies for managing performance once back at work. CIM Health utilise well-validated, evidence based psychological and cognitive assessment tools that can be interpreted against the specific requirements of the worker’s role.

Adjustment to Injury Counselling is aimed at helping injured individuals to acknowledge and accept their injury while addressing psychosocial barriers to return to work. It is generally conducted over 6 - 12 sessions depending on the injured worker’s level of psychological distress relating to their injury. CIM Health’s Adjustment to Injury Counselling takes a client-centred focus and draws on evidence-based therapeutic strategies to help individuals overcome barriers to return to work.

Psychological claims management services are designed to help manage the treatment and return to work stages of a psychological injury claim. CIM Health provides comprehensive, effective and timely case management services for those with a psychological injury. We communicate with treating practitioners, the worker and the employer to facilitate a safe and durable return to work while assisting the worker to implement effective self-management strategies.

A Cognitive Assessment provides a thorough insight into the cognitive capacity of a person that can guide intervention, improve performance and determine a person’s capacity to undertake specific duties. CIM Health uses highly skilled Occupational Therapists and Psychologists to provide the expertise needed to interpret the results and provide clear recommendations to an employer.

A well timed Work Conditioning Program can reduce the effect of deconditioning following injury or illness and improve work readiness and health literacy. CIM Health develops programs that are individually tailored, flexible in delivery and maximise recovery in the quickest timeframes. With a strong injury specific education focus, this program addresses beliefs about injury recovery and encourages self-management. We can also target exercises towards specific work roles to build job-specific capacity.

Modifications to home or work environment focus on enabling access to required areas and independent functioning. Major modifications may be required to ensure safety when returning home from hospital following major injury or due to decreased function affecting safety in completing tasks. CIM Health Occupational Therapists review environmental demands and current function to ensure access and ability to complete tasks in all areas regardless of function. Modifications can range from ramps and lifts for access, to raised seating and grab rails. The goal of modification is to enable a person to complete their daily tasks as safely and independently as possible now and into the future.

Vehicles are available in a standard form and may not be appropriate for all people due to varying levels of function. CIM Health Occupational Therapists review a person’s current vehicle and can make recommendations to adapt it to improve function. Modifications may be as basic as a spinner knob attachment to wheelchair lift; the goal always being to enable function.

Assistive devices allow a person to independently complete certain aspects of their daily activities with assistance. Assistive devices may be required within the home or work environment and can range from dressing aids to mobility aids. CIM Health Occupational Therapists review the current level of function as well as the required tasks and make recommendations to enable a person to meet these demands. Wherever there is a loss of function, there is an assistive device that can be used to counteract this loss.

A Vocational Assessment is a valuable tool to identify suitable and sustainable employment options when an injured worker requires vocational rehabilitation and redeployment. CIM Health undertakes a comprehensive suite of standardised occupational inventory tools, vocational counselling and a detailed Labour Market Analysis to ensure that the injured worker and the referrer have a clear vocational pathway and provide a simple and easy to interpret report.

Redeployment Services are a key strategy for employers who can no longer accommodate a worker with an injury or illness but who wish to assist that worker in achieving safe and durable alternative employment. CIM Health is a one stop shop for quality employment outcomes and our Redeployment Services offer workers access to experienced employment consultants; the CIM Job Search Resource website; Job club (computer-based job searching); and an established state-wide employer network.

Job Preparation Services assist injured workers to develop important job seeking skills when they can no longer do their pre-injury job or do not have a job to return to. CIM Health’s Job Preparation Services are tailored to individual needs and range from developing resumes and cover letters; to interview skills training; to computer training; and to job seeking with the client or on their behalf. We assist the worker in identifying suitable roles for any ongoing restrictions they may have.