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SELECT - The Right Worker

Select the right person for the job to build a healthy and productive workforce

Select the right person for the job to build a healthy and productive workforce

CIM Health’s Pre-employment Functional Assessment (PEFA) is an essential front line risk management strategy for employers. CIM Health offers a unique, thorough, objective allied health driven assessment that gets to the real issue with workplaces injuries – musculo-skeletal status and injury risk. It allows employers to fully assess a prospective employee to make sure that there is a good match between the candidate and the essential job demands.

Psychometric Testing is a valuable tool in the selection process to identify objectively a candidate who possesses the experience and the mental and psychological capacity to perform the job effectively. CIM Health’s Psychologist-driven testing provides an overview of each candidate’s suitability for a job-role based on their general abilities and specific attributes that can be used in conjunction with interviews and references to identify the best person for the job.

Drug and Alcohol Screening is a simple, effective and reliable Safety Management tool to ensure that candidates and existing employees are attending work safely. It also highlights an organisation’s stance on drugs and alcohol in the workplace at point of entry into an organisation. CIM Health’s Drug and Alcohol Screening may be undertaken at the workplace or at convenient locations around South East Queensland and are compliant with Australian Standards.

For some safety critical roles, good eyesight is essential. CIM Health offers a range of vision screening options, including near and far vision screening and testing for colour blindness.

Baseline and periodic audiometric testing is an important workplace tool that allows for the monitoring of hearing loss over time. CIM Health’s audiometry testing is compliant with Codes of Practice and has the additional support of qualified Audiologist for peace of mind.